Whose dreams are you working for?

We are creatures of habit. That doesn’t mean, because something is habitual that it has to be that way forever. We may be creatures of habit, but we are also adaptable. We have been doing in for years. Humanity has a lot of flaws, but no one can say that we have not learned to persevere. The reason I write this is, because we are so inclined to live in a way that does not make use of our fullest potential. We have grown accustomed to a lifestyle that validates ourselves, yet somehow we manage to do so little that is worth that validation. Here are a couple of example:

1. We go online and bash what we do not agree with, rather than trying to understand why we don’t agree with it.
2. We are so fuckin’ prideful. We speak with our ego and don’t know that sometimes being wrong is not a bad thing, but an opportunity for growth.
3. We love with expectations. When we get into relationships, we have all these unsaid, but conditioned expectations of where we want our relationships to progress. We forget to live in the present.
4. We pursue the dreams of others. We work tirelessly to care for ourselves and somehow we forget the dreams that we dreamt in color. Somewhere along the lines, life happened and we forgot to fight for a way of living that satisfies our souls.

I have been guilty of all of this at one point or another. There are plenty others that I did not list. However, the point is, yes we have our habits or flaws, but we do not have to carry them with us if we truly do not want to. I cannot tell anyone what to do, but I hope that this resonates with someone and they make the changes they need to in order to be a healthy human being who fights for their truth and lives to the fullest potential.

Tomorrow is a new day, a new opportunity, and I plan on making the most of it. Remember, even when it seem like the light is hiding from you, it will find a way to seep through.

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