My mom loves to talk about me growing up. The term, “problem child” comes up from time to time when she starts reminiscing. It’s interesting when she talks about raising me. She does it with love in her voice almost as though she appreciates the little girl that I was, including the troublemaker in me that would surface now and again. My mom says she could have done without some of the drama that I put her through, but she would never go back to change a thing. That’s the kind of woman she is. She’s a constant nurturer, as most mothers are. She loves so hard, without any inhibitions. That’s probably where I learned to love the way I do. Probably one of my more redeeming qualities, thank you for that mama.

Growing up, I definitely took her for granted. She always put me and my sisters first. She’s such a strong woman. She raised me on her own when my dad wasn’t around the first good portion of my life. She did this in a society that was constantly watching her to fail somehow. The strength it must have taken her to do that in our home country. I couldn’t imagine what she felt like in those years of her life. But, she did it. I guess I wanted to take a minute and say to appreciate those who made you into the person that you are today. I don’t care if that’s an aunt, godparent, sibling or parent. Whoever it is, you owe them at the very least a thank you and then follow those words with kind actions. I understand not every person may  have been blessed to have the most perfect of upbringing, but I can say that the people who raised us did the best they knew how to even if it didn’t feel like it at the time. My mom says to me that growing up she was always told to hold her parents as she would God and she passed that mindset on to me. I know many people cannot fathom the idea of that or would shy away from it, but I understand what she implies by saying that. She wants me to honor my parents and to hold them in the highest of regards. It took me a long time to come to this understanding, but now that I’m here, I appreciate the sentiment and attempt to practice it as best as I know how. I’ll go ahead and end this here and I hope whoever reads this feels it in themselves to appreciate their parents a bit more than they did before coming here. And if you already had this epiphany then I’m glad you’re holding all those who raised you up to the light and truly are appreciating them.
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