Madness – An Adventure

Some adventures lead to madness, some just are, and others show you the beauty within the madness…

  • Only Dreamers Dare Enter

  • Gloomy Thoughts

  • Window Pain

  • Hazy - Like a Dream

  • We're all mad here...

  • Don’t think about it too much

  • Hang Tight

  • Natural Beauty

  • Past Life

  • Light in Darkness

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12 Replies to “Madness – An Adventure”

  1. I want to start a website. It will be asking for money only to fund the seminars associated with holding meetings for the clients and for mailouts. How should I go about setting that up?.

  2. I like these aren’t forced posed. It seems like everyone is riding the IG wave and posting pics of themselves modeling. It’s nice to natural photography. I mean it seems like the girl just seems to be doing her thing and you just followed her around and just took photos. LOL sorry, in a very not so creepy way! Lovely pics!

  3. I’m in love with your thought-process. I love the almost-surrealistic aspect to the pics. Where did you study?

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