20 Pounds

We talked about everything from music to politics and back to music. Thanks guys for an entertaining evening and I’m sure your hard work will continue to pay off!


28 Replies to “20 Pounds”

  1. The conversation though! Thank you! We need this, AZ needs this, hip hop starts convos!

    Let’s keep it goin!

    Flames, love the vibe! We need more!

  2. Great questions Flame! Hope to see more soon!! I gotta say AZ is coming out on top so everyone better watch out haha but yoo this is some real deep stuff and it feels amazing to know others understand what I be feeling. There’s always a deeper story behind everything so I ain’t saying nothing about 20 Pounds

  3. It’s flames now huh. Well, some shit never changes. Still out here trying to claim attention, just like in high school. Haha this website and you gave me a laugh. You as fake as these “rappers” 😂

    1. So much hate on such a positive page. Nonetheless I’m going to keep sharing this page! Thanks Flame for being awesome, you got a fan out of me!

  4. Yo wtf, homeboy thinks trump ain’t wrong? Gtfo
    U have no clue wtf u sayin jalopy
    Fakeass whackass

    Flames, you wasted your time with em
    Especially with this fool
    You r last interview was way better

  5. Flames, the outlet you have created here…we need this. Also, I’ve seen your other writings and your talent needs to be seen. We need to get you out there, please keep this up!

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