Band of Commitment

It is now my belief that one of the most prestige, profound, prolifically, pristine pledges we can make to ourselves is that of commitment. Too often, we find ourselves in life looking at ways to become a part of something bigger than ourselves. Sometimes, it comes in the form of families, which in and of itself is a confounding conundrum when you wiggle kids, parents, and significant others in to the mix. Other times, it comes in the form of jobs that refuse to fulfill our unquenched hearts. Amongst all the cacophony, buried underneath the clutter we seem to get lost in, sit our wary souls, waiting patiently to be nourished. Too often we’ve put ourselves last. If you’ve made it with me to this sentence, then take this moment and make a commitment to yourself. Commit to your happiness. Commit to your heart. Commit to your dreams, commit to the things you’ve put to the side, because there’ll be time for it one day…just not today. Erase that mentality. Take this metaphorical brush I pass to you and release colors into your life that paint a ring so bright and shiny, that it can be seen for miles. Wear that band of commitment with pride. You deserve it. This one is for you, and you alone.

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DreamChaser no DreamMaker
DreamChaser no DreamMaker

It’s so easy to get lost in the chaos of everything. To lose sight of the things that we want for ourselves, our goals, our dreams. I want to be a painter. I work in corporate America, because I bought into the dreams someone else sold me. I’m about to retire. Don’t get me wrong, God gave me a lot. Wonderful children, grandchildren and the strength and love and understanding and blessings to be able to give them a privileged life here in America. Yet, somewhere underneath all that, I still feel I never actually lived my true calling. I… Read more »

El tejano
El tejano

Minor setbacks we can always overcome, but we are our worst enemy to making our dreams or fulfill our desires. The doubt, the ancedotals we hear from people. We should reflect and take a step back and realize that the track that is instilled into us is blurred. We dont need to be part of the rat race when we can just have a good life with the piece of cheese we have.