Skeleton Key

In your mind there is a box. This box holds the key to your success. Somehow though, you let your mind get cluttered and now you’ve lost sight of that box. Would you believe me if I told you that when you were little, you used to always be able to access that key in that box? You would take it out and use it to open so many doors. A skeleton key. Endless possibilities. There wasn’t a place in the world that wasn’t open to you.

Somewhere along the way though, you put the key away one day. That one day turned into two and two into three, until you forgot that the key existed at all. Your mind got tainted with glitter and you bought the lie that everything that glitters is gold. You traded a key that was a bit worn. A bit scratched. A bit dated. You forgot the value of history and antiquity. That’s what your key was. You antiquity. Your history and future all wrapped in one. It was your imagination, your dreams, your life’s calling, whatever you wanted that to be. There’s things to be learned from your childhood. Where you roamed carefree and weren’t afraid to dream bigger than cubicle walls and a nice car. You could be the CEO running that business, You could be that surgeon. You could be that writer. You could be that singer. You could be that painter. You could be free to be you. That’s what that key was.

And now you realize instead of that key in that box, you are in a box. You never lost a box with a key in it, you traded places with the key. You boxed yourself in and lost track of the key.

So, what’s next? I’m about to set you free. Here’s your second chance. Do what you keep telling yourself isn’t going to keep you fed with a roof over your head. Put in work. Work to get that key back and open doors for yourself once again. Let me put this in terms that don’t sound so….shiny. This means you keep that job to keep yourself fed and a roof over your head, BUT, you also come home and work and stay up into the late hours of the night working on getting that key back. And then you sleep and dream about that key, BUT you set an early morning alarm to get back in search for that key. And then you go back to that job that feeds your stomach and keeps a roof over your head. And then you do that again and again.

And then one day, you’re going to be so exhausted that you’re going to want to stop and go back to wanting to forget about the key. Because, it was easier. Because, it was comfortable. And there weren’t voices in your ear telling you how unrealistic what you were trying to do is. BUT, you will ignore all that and you will work. And you will search. Until one day, you close your eyes and look within yourself and realize, you found it. You did it. You found the key. It all paid off. You worked for it. Your entitlement did not bring you endless possibilities. You created them; these possibilities. Just as you did when you were a child, with your key.

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Good Samaritan

Fantastic. Thank you, I needed this.