Bed of Roses

Last night we fell asleep on a bed of roses. Soft and supple our naked bodies pressed against the velvety softness of the petals. We moved in a rhythm that was truly ours alone. I don’t know why we did. We just did. It’s easy to get lost in the rhythm of our hips, in the soft lullabies of our hastened breathing and the kisses of your gentle touch. Everything that was is no more…All our troubles fade away into nevermore. All the lies you fed me have been corroded away with the heat of our lovemaking just as quickly as my trust disintegrates away with you. It’s all gone. You beckon, I come. I beckon, you come. It’s an almost endless dance. Almost.

Then came that one moment. That one moment of anguish. That realization that my worth had been belittled to the point of disrespect on your part. I had become only what you had made me. But, that wasn’t good enough for me.. .I love too hard, I give until I have nothing left to give and you took more than I offered. Now I felt the thorns. Yes, we slept on a bed of roses, but along with that came the soft pricks tearing away at my skin. Who I was is not this. My skin lay bloodied and torn from your touch. I gave you what wasn’t meant for you.

You can’t give me back my love, because I’ve learned to understand that when I share my soul with someone like this, I leave a part of myself with them…someone like you. And it wasn’t meant for you. You can say you love me, that’s fine. I accept that, because I know that in your own way, you probably do. Well, since we’ve said our goodbyes then let me leave it with this…love me and think of me and cherish the part of my soul that I left behind with you. These thorns aren’t what we’re supposed to be reminiscent of…though they are a part of the process. Take the lessons that I’ve left with you and build on them. Grow with them. And share them with the one whose soul you’re supposed to connect with rather than take a piece of. Become whole once again…