Are you ready?

Close your eyes. Wait, don’t close your eyes. Keep reading…closing your eyes defeats the purpose of you being on here. Alright, keep reading and I’ll keep going with the prose I’m painting.

Imagine, yes, that’s better, let’s start with imagine. Imagine, you’ve lived a life of comfortability. You’ve lived each day in and out being comfortable with the people you’ve met. You’ve lived each day being comfortable watching the same shows, eating the same foods, having the same conversations and living the same day to day existence that you were taught to lead.

Then one night you are awakened. Not by your alarm or even some far off distant noise. As a matter of fact, what wakes you is the stillness of the night. It’s surreal. Like you’re a part of a dream and you are just now realizing it. Your eyes they take in the pressing darkness all around you. As your eyes begin to adjust, you see a silhouette standing over you. Rather than be alarmed, you are overtaken by a sense of calm. She speaks.

“Are you ready?”

Somehow, you know. This is it. She was here to take you on your next journey. You didn’t need there to be light to see she was beautiful. Her voice had a lilting trill. A soft lullaby. She, the mother of that last slumber, was asking me if I was ready to curl up in her arms for that final rest? It’s funny. She spoke like you actually had a choice. Were you ready?

You think back on your life. What were you leaving behind? Where was your mark? And did it matter in the grand scheme of things? Or was this your ego at play that wants to believe you’re more special than you really are? What did you do yesterday that made you uncomfortable? What did you do the last time you were uncomfortable? When was the last time you grew? Why were you thinking all this now when you spent your whole life being comfortable? If it didn’t matter when the number of breaths that passed through your body were seemingly eternal; why did it matter now when she stood there in front of you awaiting your answer?


She laughed. It was beautiful. Lilting notes of music brought to life. It wasn’t a cruel laugh. But, you understood. The question was not one where the answer really mattered. This was it. She asked more out of formality than anything. You had your whole life to do different, be different, think different, surround yourself with people who challenged you rather than give you superficial momentary pleasures. But, you didn’t.

You’re sad, but you understand. You accept it. She reached out to take your hand and you place it in hers willingly, without a fight. Her hand is warm, comforting. As crazy as it seems, you feel an odd sense of calm, as though you’re at peace and home for the first time. As you revel in the touch of what most run from their whole lives, you start to feel sleepy. Your eyes they begin to close until you can no longer keep them open. You still feel the warm touch of her hand. Slowly, as though time is moving all around you, so slowly, you feel yourself being pulled away from her. You reach out for her and open your eyes in desperation to a darkness that you’ve never experienced from. Frantic, you search. For something…anything.

All of a sudden a bright light hits you out of nowhere. Instantaneously, you react and force your eyes closed. And you feel a jerk and you open your eyes to your bedroom with the sun peering in through the blinds.

You met death last night and she decided to give you another shot at life and experiencing uncomfortabilty…what do you do?

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1 year ago

The way your mind works is insane 🤯

1 year ago

god damn you ain’t gotta do the ppl like that

1 year ago
Reply to  Jill

Lol right
But I appreciate it

1 year ago

Not think my dreams are unrealistic

1 year ago

Get married!

1 year ago

I’d sing

1 year ago


1 year ago


1 year ago


1 year ago

Love more

Sad 😢
1 year ago

I would call my mom and thank her for my life.

1 year ago


1 year ago

I’m putting in work to go to the college of my dreams!

1 year ago

I would live more. Love more. Travel more.

1 year ago

I’d be more patient just in general

1 year ago

I’d see my kids more

1 year ago

I’d go spend time with my mom…

1 year ago

I needed this bro
Thank you 🙏🏽

1 year ago

I am shooketh

1 year ago

I feel like I need to go relive my whole life now

1 year ago