As autumn leaves shed, so do people

The people you surround yourself with are a reflection of your character. I’m a fairly observant person, I like to think, anyways. I watch how people move. The things they do, the words they use, the way they speak about someone who isn’t around, the way they carry themselves and how they make me feel. Those are just some of what I like to take time to learn about a person. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. That all being said, if I invite you into my life, just know that I watch who you surround yourself with as well.

You can be the sweetest person to me and I’ll open up to you, but cautiously. To get to the real me, I have to see authenticity in your character. That shit is hard to find nowadays or maybe I’m just growing up. It’s disheartening to get to know somebody and see who they have as a part of their inner circle. I’m very big about who knows about what goes on in my life. About what I tell them, how much I tell them and why I’m telling them something. It’s not that I’m a distrusting person, although that may be a part of it, but it’s just that I know the value of my heart and time and I do not want to give it to someone who does not honor that worth.

I’ve met some good people. Then I’ve met some people who I wouldn’t say are not good people, but rather hurt people; hurting people. These ones I get vary of. We can have long conversations that start in the evening, which turn into early mornings, but I’ve come to learn even still I can’t know somebody. I can have long open deep heartfelt discussions with you, but then you go right around and surround yourself with people, with energy that diminishes your greatness and something about that doesn’t sit right with me. And I’m not talking about that one friend that you party with. You know we all have that one friend we can call on to have a good night out. No, not that person. That’s called having a diverse circle. What I’m talking about is someone who leeches your energy. Someone that you know is taking more from you than they are giving. They are constantly in and out of drama, some sort of theatrics about how the world has wronged them. They make sorry excuses for themselves. They say they will change, but then a few days go by, maybe a few weeks go by, perhaps even a year or so and their back to their old ways again. These are the people who backbite. These are the people who look at you in the eye and say one thing and then blink and are on a different wave altogether.

You can make excuses for them all day long.

“Oh no, you don’t know so-and-so like I do. She’s just being funny…”


“Well, that’s just her. She’s my bitch, I know I can call her to go out to the club tonight. I just gotta watch what I say around her.”

Yo, who has got the energy? Why do we make excuses when the cold hard truth is right there in front of our faces? I think about this and I cannot help, but feel that when people do this, they are shitting on themselves. They are allowing themselves to accept the love or relationships that they think they deserve. Why do that to yourself?

I look at people and I really believe that each and every person in this world has a light, that shines through when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable in our own individual truths. I also believe that the people we surround ourselves with either add to that light or diminish it. I for one will not sit here and let somebody leech me of my flame. You are a reflection of the people you surround yourself with. Your words can be consistent from person to person, however if your actions are not and the way you make somebody feel is not, then it’s time to take a hard look at why those things lack consistency.

I’ll leave you with this. Let’s say that each and every person in the world has a glowing amber within them waiting to be set ablaze. Now, let’s add that the only way to get the flame going is through learning each of our own individual truths. The only way to learn those truths is to be our best authentic self by surrounding ourselves with energy that helps build that mentality. Knowing this, who do you shed from your life?

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Shaquawn Moore
6 months ago

“They either add to your light or diminish it” real words

7 months ago

Damn this some real shit!

7 months ago

Everything you write is so poetic

7 months ago


7 months ago

Your website has evolved with you. Beautiful piece.

7 months ago

Needs to be said
Glad you said it!

7 months ago

Signs for me to change my circle

7 months ago

I love this!

7 months ago

We gotta learn to have healthy relationships in all aspects of life

7 months ago


7 months ago

I like this!
I like this. Holding ppl accountable to their truth!

7 months ago

Who has the time!

7 months ago

I know someone like this…

7 months ago


7 months ago

I’m inspired to make healthier relationships decisions

7 months ago
Reply to  Sam


7 months ago

Deep! That’s real

7 months ago

Thought provoking read

7 months ago


7 months ago

This hits home for me

7 months ago

Real shit

7 months ago

Preach ✊🏽