Setbacks Necessary for Growth

It’s regret past 5am
I see your shoes lying there
I hear your soft breathing
I feel my swollen lips
I close my eyes I can still feel your tongue
On my delicacy
It didn’t make sense

I turn away, needing to escape
Only to be confronted by your naked face
Right now so pristine and gentle
Like the ocean on a warm summers day
So innocent

But, lord knows everything you are
Lays more in common with wild nights
Filled with dark skies
Like my thoughts after our lovemaking
and overflowing oceans
Like my body after your bountiful touches

Slowly, my thoughts slither
To another bed
Another time
Another body
Another aching longing for another caress

A moment so vividly frozen in time
She lay next to me her chest rising and falling
Matching the rhythm in my lungs
Everything we were in this moment
Started with the brush of soft lips
Not wanting to break that delicate moment
Right before two lovers lips meet
Sometimes better than the kiss itself

She was pure and true
She was solace
She was love
She was…in the dark
She was betrayed

…She was home
And here I lay with you
Regret came ticking and tocking
It was a quarter past repentance
Father Time himself lacked presence here
I alone was the miscreant
Who existed in this time and space…