Have I Filled Your Expectations?

Whatever illusion you have in your mind of me,
Please let it shatter now.
I am who I am
We sit with dawn breaking around us
In shocked silence.
You have your ideas about me
These expectations of me
Holding up my end of our relationship
But, we forget
That underneath all that
There’s a foundation
From the weight of distrust and lies
We sit here in our entitlement
At a loss
With my moral compass laying broken
In disrepair…in your eyes
All I have is my desires
And you wanted to be my number one
It’s never enough
How do I keep so many secrets?
I can lay the world before you
And you’d still be looking for the moon on earth
You tried it
Voice heavy with entitlement
Silence sitting broken by stories all over the place
Well, guess you’ve decided my character
You know me