I wrote a poem for you about that time we met

I got a little shy the first time I saw you
Same party, different circles
On opposite sides of that table
I caught your eye and I saw curiosity peak
In your lovely brown eyes
Like pools of honey
You came over and started up a conversation
It was one of those industry parties
Where the IG famous people
Were trying to rub elbows
With who they could
To brag about with their friends
Who weren’t really their friends
You would also be liable to find weary artists
Attending out of obligation to their labels
The smiles on their faces were just a little
Too bright – you know, the fake kind
And I was dreadfully bored
Because I was there supporting a friend
And they had to go mingle
So, thank you for rescuing me
From utter tedium
We talked, and I made you laugh
And you laughter sent butterflies to my core
You asked me if I wanted to take a walk
I was hesitant, because I was worn out
From having won battles from my own demons
But, something about your eyes
Held me captive
I nodded, walked out, with you close behind
Outside the balmy summer sky
Was tinted with all the hues of fire
Only to be matched by the cool ocean blues
The view was spectacular
We walked in silence for a minute
Then you broke it
Somehow we got lost in our stories
Not realizing the sunset had turned to stars
Eventually, we couldn’t ignore
The time flying right by
So, we turned to head back
And, you, with your slickness
Managed to ask for my number
At first I was quiet,
Still stuck on my past traumas
But, then I threw caution to the winds
And gave in
And just like that, it started
Text messages
Led to phone calls
And then FaceTime calls
And then I found myself
For your morning calls
And sweet goodnight messages
We both had our own things
Home was in different states for us
So we didn’t link a lot
But, when we did
I felt the energy
It was palpable
I never gave it to you
Not my body
My mind and soul were slowly becoming
Inhabitants of your heart
And vice versa
I could tell you thought about it too
But, I couldn’t, not yet
It was easy to open up to you
And tell you,
“I’m celibate”
Can’t give my body to you yet
I’m taking this year for myself
But, I wanted to get to know us like this
And you surprised me
Again and again, like you always do
You are so understanding
My body will be yours when
My heart is completely mine and whole
Once more
You see, I met you at a weird time
Where I’m still learning to be on my own
But, I want your friendship first
And then learn with you
Once the time comes
For now, I promise
The wait is all worth it
Because we’re worth the attempt