Insert, “Girls Like You,” by Miguel here ?

Listen, I was gonna hit you up and lie to you and tell you that I dreamt about you again. But, honestly, I didn’t. The thing is, I just really wanted to dream about you so I could get lost in us. I like the thought of wanting to kiss you. Of holding you close. I mean, why not, right? Who knows what the next lifetime has to offer, so while we have the opportunity, why tf not? And if we really want to be nakedly vulnerable, I do on occasion, once or twice, maybe, just maybe, happen to find myself lost in thoughts of your smile, and the way you laugh at my jokes that aren’t really funny. Probably more sarcastic than most would expect from me. And I love that you appreciate my dry sarcasm. Thank you, because most people let it go over their heads. I like how you humor me. So, yea, I did not dream about you, but I certainly stayed up thinking of you. Ugh, ever the dreamer. Ever the hopeless romantic. I’ll never change, and that’s another thing. You know this about me. I don’t want conventional. And you respect that and allow me to be fully myself around you. Girl, I don’t know what else to say. I didn’t want to drop some random unsolicited game your way and use the same corny lines as the rest, cause lord knows that I know you got your options. So, no, you didn’t star in my dreams last night. But you sure as hell have been shining through the whole damn day.