Breathe….and Let it Go

I read somewhere or maybe watched in a movie that when we miss someone or are sad about something that we should hang onto that feeling. Not forever, but to process the emotion and really just understand what it is that we are feeling. I truly appreciate that sentiment. I think we live in a society that tries to make us feel inferior for feeling sadness or hurt. Let me explain myself. I am not saying that people should be sad and upset 24/7. What I mean is, people need to be given the opportunity to process their emotions. I can speak to my own experiences and say that growing up, if one of my friends or family was upset for any reason, Continue reading “Breathe….and Let it Go”

Let’s Runaway

I have grown up in a world that has made me feel that I need to do things that fit into the “norm”. This pressure sometimes came in the form of well-meaning parents who never wanted their daughter to bring shame onto the family name, but at the same time try to find some sort of happy medium for me as well. Somehow, in trying to please them, I went further and further away from myself. At other times, it was society boxing me in and telling me what was expected of me in the form of movies or media which talked about starting a family and being nurturing and a provider. Let me expand on that. Continue reading “Let’s Runaway”

Get Woke

Being woke is a thing nowadays. As a matter of fact, it may even be social crucification to not be. I wonder if we ever question intentions behind why people do the things they do. I mean like really question it. I feel like recently I’ve been feeling too much. I see intent that may not make for good publicity behind actions that do. Let’s sit on that statement for a second. If a person uses their platform to build their celebrity and then uses their celebrity to shed light on topics of injustice then we call that person “noble”. But, if someone uses their celebrity to gain more celebrity by putting out an image of being Continue reading “Get Woke”

Exist in Harmony

I sometimes wonder if we really want people to change for the better. I take part in conversations and read or watch news stories about people who have been labeled as racists or bigots by society and then it all goes downhill from there. These people are sought after to be fired from their jobs or to be somehow or another ostracized from society. This is not to say that these people should not be held accountable for whatever it is that they may have done. I just don’t think that completely condemning people from a functioning Continue reading “Exist in Harmony”


I have this fleeting notion of oblivion. An oblivion where time stands still and there is nothing more than the width between two parted lips. Here is the perfect moment. I read somewhere that sometimes even better than a first kiss are the few precious moments leading up to the kiss. Here, everything that was, will be no more. Here, there stands a moment of opportunity in time, where I and the lips that I am about to behold, will give light to a godly creation of our making. Continue reading “Oblivion”

Nancy Drew Is Dope

Every now and then I want to talk about the different women that have impacted my life over the years. Here is the first of these posts that you’ll be seeing on here. Enjoy!

Growing up, I was a total bookworm. I loved to read. You know how nowadays, kids are getting caught for being on their cellphones late at night, well I was getting caught with a book next to my night light. Continue reading “Nancy Drew Is Dope”

Who do I take care of?

One of the worst feelings for me is wanting to take care of my parents and not being able to do it the way I want to. I know I am not alone in this. These are the people who are the reason that I am here at all. Without them, I would not be who I am. I have my disagreements with them, but at the end of the day, they are my parents and they are the only ones I have. I want to work to take care of them. But, the reality I can’t do that the way I would like to. I am so stubborn and independent. Continue reading “Who do I take care of?”

Whose dreams are you working for?

We are creatures of habit. That doesn’t mean, because something is habitual that it has to be that way forever. We may be creatures of habit, but we are also adaptable. We have been doing in for years. Humanity has a lot of flaws, but no one can say that we have not learned to persevere. The reason I write this is, because we are so inclined to live in a way that does not make use of our fullest potential. We have grown accustomed to a lifestyle that validates ourselves, Continue reading “Whose dreams are you working for?”


Why are traditions so important to us? At what point do we need to look at tradition and tell ourselves that this is it. That, it’s time that we look at new ideas and perhaps develop new traditions. I really am curious as to why we as human beings are so prone to being stuck in our ways. I mean it has to be more than comfortability. Maybe this is my experience talking, but there are so many things that tradition dictates as normal, but don’t make me feel comfortable. Continue reading “Tradition”