Single – Not an atrocity, but an experience

Why are we so afraid of being alone? I mean in the sense that we are afraid of being single. Why does it feel that the world is always trying to pair us up? As though it is something that we should aim for. I wonder if the world is perhaps afraid of seeing someone too happy on their own. It defies conventions, I suppose. I speak from my own personal experience, being a woman who is a minority, I get the question of my relationship status a lot more than I care to admit. More often than not, it is usually from my traditional, awesome and well-meaning mother. Continue reading “Single – Not an atrocity, but an experience”

Focus on the Truth

The truth can sometimes become hazy.

However, if one wants to learn and understand it, then all one has to do is focus, and slowly with enough persistence, all that is needed to be known will become clear.

Peaceful Slumber


While my body lay in a slumber,
The late night breeze makes it in to my chambers.
In the still of the darkness my window is cracked open.

Someone has entered my room,
This person carries a duffel bag and is dressed the color of darkness.
What could they possibly want from me?
I lay still.
One wrong move could be deadly.
With a laser I notice the thief traces a pattern on my chest. Continue reading “Peaceful Slumber”


Privilege is an interesting thing. Even the idea of recognizing one’s privilege is a privilege in and of itself. The first time the concept of privilege was introduced to me was in middle school. At least the active definition of it. We sat and talked about it in my social studies class. It was actually mentioned in passing.

If you asked me about how it went down, I probably couldn’t tell you. Being socially aware wasn’t part of my Continue reading “Privilege”

Sexual Fluidity

I had a conversation with a woman who told me to always question myself and when I think I have found the answers, question that as well too. A few years ago, I met a girl who showed me that sex was not for just a man and a woman. It was with who you wanted to connect with. I do not think that I have been always attracted to women. I don’t have one of those stories where as a child I knew that being with another female was what I wanted or was attracted to. In fact, I think as a child, I always imagined I would be with a guy and you know what, that felt right too. Then somewhere along the way, I became curious and met someone at the right time, in the right place who opened my mind to something different. Continue reading “Sexual Fluidity”

For Me

It is so easy to make excuses. I have a whole life outside of this website that I need to actively participate in. I find so many things that I have to do that keep putting this website to the back. Last week, I had a realization that everything is an excuse. If I really want this and really want to be consistent with this, there are more than enough hours in a week to get it done. I can’t be the only one who does this. I do not want to be part of the statistic that tries. Continue reading “For Me”

A Journey

I have a problem. When I love someone, I give a love I know is seldom found somewhere else. This is not one of those things that I can prove with quantifiable means unless you count the number of times I make your heart beat in a minute per the lost amount of rushed breaths trying to catch air. Nor is it one of those things that you can physically see unless you choose to see the lack of conditions I hold above your head. The problem is not this. The problem is the fact that you took me for granted, or rather I let myself be taken for granted.

This is not a pity post. Continue reading “A Journey”