Today, I celebrate women and a woman

March 8, 2017

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. It is a day to recognize women. It is only appropriate to share a story of one of the women in my life who has had a huge impact on who I am today.

I met this woman when she still considered herself a child, but who I thought was a women way ahead of her time in high school. The night started out at a party and ended with the first light of the new day hitting us Continue reading “Today, I celebrate women and a woman”

Why do we cheat?

I do not believe I have met a perfect person. I am certainly not even close to being that person, and you know what? I do not want to be. I have made my share of mistakes and I do not think I would be sitting in front of this computer screen today without having gone through the trials that I have. Without accepting the decisions I made, even the ones that ended up hurting myself and those closest to me, I would not be who I am.

I want to get into cheating, being unfaithful or simply put, Continue reading “Why do we cheat?”

My First Love

Yes, I am young, if my age is how you measure my experience. Yes, I am naive if my capacity to accept love is how you measure my intellect. Yes, I am awkward, if you measure that by my inability to accept conventional norms.

My first love taught me how to lose my breath. My first love taught me how to fall without one thought about the Continue reading “My First Love”