“Dear Me”

If I had the opportunity to look at younger me and tell her about my life as it is right now, I would say…

“Listen, you are killing it right now. Your dreams are taking off. At the pace they should. You have good people in your life. The circle is just the right size. I know you’re carrying guilt on your shoulders of never being Indian enough, daughter enough, perfect enough for your family, for the ones who mattered. But, that guilt doesn’t live with us anymore. Our relationships are strong. Our foundations have become solid. We’re doing it our way and there is not a person alive that can take that away from us. Stay strong, love. You’ve done a lot, now rest. I’ll carry you with me, but I got us from here. “

I reached out to other people in my life and they responded with what you see below. I will be adding more as the weeks continue. But, we’ll start with these for now. If you would like to send me something to add, use the contact me form above.

Shout out to everyone that shared so far, appreciate your vulnerability to understand that this is all a strength.