Letter Number 2 (An Ode to My Generation)


It is the age of the Millennials. We are here and we are here to question the conventional norm. The truth is, we were told we could be anything we wanted to be when we grew up, well guess what? That is exactly what we are doing. We made social media the platform it is. We made entertainment what it is today. We are the voices of the now and the future. Wherever you go, you will see us. I’m not talking about people in specific. We are the marketing you see on your television screens, we are in the music you hear, we are the ones being reached out to on award shows.

For myself it has been an up and down battle with my generation. At one point, I tried to embrace the culture of social media, of the hipsterdom, yes, that’s right, HIPSTERDOM. Then I realized, it wasn’t all who I am. I love my generation and all that comes with it. I think my generation has a voice and perception that has never been present in human history. I tend to use that voice, but my way. This will be my platform and perhaps one day, I can get back to social media along with this. In the meantime, my website is where I’ll go to and I want to hear your voice too. Let’s start a conversation. Let’s start a movement.

  • NewFlame