Oh Lord…

Let’s worship together, love, she said
I want to get lost in the hymns of your gasps
I want to preach your sermon
And baptize myself in the essence of your love
Take a bite of the forbidden fruit
In your presence, I kneel,
In awe of your glory
If it took the Almighty six days Continue reading “Oh Lord…”


I felt my angels more closer than ever. Today, my spirit feels more alive and lifted. I can look to the past in anger and bitter resentment, but I will now allow it to consume me in such darkness. But, instead, I hold on to light and everything good. I believe that I am so positively blessed to have been loved by so many souls in ways that many people go their entire lives without. Continue reading “Halos”

Who’s Different?

In a world of clones, being different is hard. It hurts your heart. I can’t imagine a world where I wasn’t who I am, open as I am wanting to learn other people. Asking the questions that I do. Opening myself up to vulnerabilities when the world doesn’t. It’s difficult. It’s real difficult being different. Continue reading “Who’s Different?”