I give you…me

The beauty behind the madness is that we are all free-thinking individuals. Our diverse thought processes lead us to have the values that govern our everyday existence. Our values lead us to raise our children the way we do, who then in turn will grow to either accept all those values, take some of those values and let go of others, or perhaps just build brand new ones of their own. Continue reading “I give you…me”

Yo, you are not offended…I promise

I’m all types of done with the bullshit that spews out of people’s mouths. I love the internet, because it has offered me so much. It’s helped to shape this platform you’re reading this on. It’s given us google for online test answers. It’s given us wikipedia…thank the heavens for wikipedia! Wikipedia and the all nighters writing college papers put together by sheer will, determination and bullshit. Continue reading “Yo, you are not offended…I promise”

Running Away

I hate that we live in a world where people are not free to be themselves. I met a girl who is sweet, beautiful, kind and thinks about everyone else, before herself. And she cares a little too much about what people think about her as well. I met her about two years ago. We connected almost instantly. Maybe a little too quick. I didn’t think anything strange about it, because I liked her energy. She was positive all the time and had this perspective I think not too many people are able to witness. Continue reading “Running Away”