For a person who highly values this idea that no voice should be silenced, it breaks me to know that there are people close to my heart who feel their voice has been stifled. When I created this website, I will be completely honest, the motivation was selfish. I needed an outlet for my own voice. I was never too good at expressing my thoughts out loud, it has always been the flow of ink Continue reading “Rise”

Dreamers that do

The more I grow older, the more I realize that the conventions are not cutting it for me. I believe I have met a lot of people who at some point in their life felt the same as I did. However, the difference between myself and most of them is that I never outgrew that mentality. For as long as I could recall, I knew that I wanted to travel, and with this website I’m able to do so. I’m getting many opportunities to do something I love. Something I can say I put my whole heart into. I never gave into the mindset that a 9-5 gig was what the goals should be with a nice escrow attached to it. Continue reading “Dreamers that do”

A Blessing

I want to share a story with you about a blessing. This blessing changed worlds like only she could. Her mother told me the story over several cups of hot tea. Outside it’s misty and cloudy, a chilly day. Inside there is a warm fire blazing and we are seated on a comfortable couch. Her mother begins the story. Continue reading “A Blessing”