Paths Worth Walking

You ever encounter a situation in which the life you live is reflected back at you in bright shining lights; the likes of which you cannot avoid or run from. I’m reading a story which keeps telling in more ways than one that the person in my life I thought was supposed to be by my side forever and thereafter is actually not for me at all. Continue reading “Paths Worth Walking”

Yo, you are not offended…I promise

I’m all types of done with the bullshit that spews out of people’s mouths. I love the internet, because it has offered me so much. It’s helped to shape this platform you’re reading this on. It’s given us google for online test answers. It’s given us wikipedia…thank the heavens for wikipedia! Wikipedia and the all nighters writing college papers put together by sheer will, determination and bullshit. Continue reading “Yo, you are not offended…I promise”