Are you ready?

Close your eyes. Wait, don’t close your eyes. Keep reading…closing your eyes defeats the purpose of you being on here. Alright, keep reading and I’ll keep going with the prose I’m painting.

Imagine, yes, that’s better, let’s start with imagine. Imagine, you’ve lived a life of comfortability. You’ve lived each day in and out being comfortable with the people you’ve met. You’ve lived each day being Continue reading “Are you ready?”

Marriage and My Commitment Issues Part 2

Going through all that I have with this woman…all the heartbreak, the nights that turned to mornings having long conversations about how different we were, the paths we were taking, the places we were at and where we were going…all of that added to my perspective shifting dramatically. Being away from her mentally, physically and spiritually made me see her greatness in a way that I never had before. Continue reading “Marriage and My Commitment Issues Part 2”

Marriage and My Commitment Issues

The idea of commitment for the longest time freaked me out. I think a lot of it had to do with all the different types of personalities I would come across, especially the last couple of years of my life. I think the further I was able to travel from home, the more my perspective grew…as it should happen. The more people I met…it scared me, thinking…

”How am I going to end up committing to one person, so young.” Continue reading “Marriage and My Commitment Issues”


Loving you is quiet sunsets overlooking the sea. The sea gently hitting the shore whispering of the passionate night to come. The sky reaching to meet the ocean until one gets lost in the other, never quite knowing where one begins and the other ends. The sky painted with different hues of a fire that only lovers know.

Continue reading “Cycle”

Homesick Thoughts

I have an absolutely lovely friend who on occasion will share her beautiful words with me. I tell her to keep writing, because she can create magic with her words. Her name is Irma Lizeth Medrano Ramirez, but where the “I” is pronounced as an “E” and the “R” has a soft roll to it, so that the name just rolls off the tongue like soft lilting poetry. Continue reading “Homesick Thoughts”