Letter Number 7 (An Ode to Appreciation)

February 10, 2018

A long time ago I decided that I didn’t ever want someone who would die for me. I wanted to find someone who would live for me. I wanted to meet someone who would wake up every morning and want to take on the day as though it were their last. Life isn’t easy. It will never be easy. I can live a thousand lives and make millions in each of those lives, still I would find something that would shove right in my face the reality that there’s always something that will try to get me down. It’s instead more important how we choose to come out of those situations. I want to love without conditions, even when love is terrifying. I want to learn new things and learn people and their perfections and flaws, even when they’re hurting me. I guess that’s why I’m out here wanting to spread positivity even when I get scared that what we appreciate more is when we are hateful and negative about one another. I want to choose to break the cycle. I’m not perfect, but I will still try to choose to live today as though I’m taking my last breath. No person can make another do something forcefully and expect it to be organic. It doesn’t work that way. So, I hope that you choose to live to your potential, because you deserve it.

  • NewFlame