Letter Number 5 (An Ode to Falling in Love)

January 19, 2018

When was the last time you fell in love? Before you tear this up, give me a few more sentences. I promise I’m not as much of a hippy as that first sentence may have indicated. Although, if you’re a hippy reading this, that’s cool too. Anyway, before I get further into this tangent, let me get back on track. When was the last time you went and did something that made you fall in love with it? An example of this could be anything. Like taking yourself to go see a movie or having a quiet dinner, heck, go crazy and do both.  Let go of some of that stress that we carry with us on the daily. This could even resemble taking a walk to the park as the sun is setting. Go out and appreciate your company. Go fall in love with the time you spend to nurture yourself and more importantly go and fall in love with yourself. You deserve it.

  • NewFlame