Letter Number 6 (An Ode to Art and Understanding)

February 2, 2018

The beauty of art is in the interpretation of the piece itself. I love hip hop. I love music. I love all types of art. I love looking at things and interpreting what it means for myself, but then also trying to see what the artist could have been trying to convey. That’s the beauty of being an individual with my own life experiences that teach me to look at a situation, problem, or in this case, art in a way which may be completely different from someone else. But, you know what’s even more dope? It’s the reality that though we can see things from different lenses, if we choose to, we can always expand our perspective to attempt to understand each other’s views. I see art this way, as probably do those who wish to learn from each other, rather than bring someone else down for their different opinions. And you know what’s better than realizing how to bridge a gap between difference of opinion in art? It’s when we can bring those moments of understanding to real life situations, such as friendships, relationships, or something even as divisive as politics. We have the capacity of empathizing if we choose compassion over ego. I profess, I am not perfect, however I do try. And, quite frankly, sometimes that’s all we need. An attempt to reach out to understand. We don’t have to be on the same plane, but we do need communication between planes. I’ll go ahead and end this here, but if you want to continue the conversation, share my website and join the open dialogue.

  • NewFlame