Making Myself Proud

Here’s the thing. We are a being created from the culmination of all our past experiences, our parents’ experiences, and the lineage that was passed down to them from their ancestors. Behind us is a trail of blood, sweat and tears of everyone that has led us to the moment of you sitting here reading this and me sitting here writing this. You can call that a coincidence, destiny, glitch in the matrix, fate, or whatever else aligns with your worldview. However it makes sense for you to digest this; we are here. So, what do you do with that?
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Devil is in the Details

I haven’t really wanted to write on here for the past few weeks. To be completely honest with you, my heart just hasn’t been in it. Those of you that know me personally, know how much of my heart I put into everything. And since the beginning of this year, there’s been so many things that have brought me down, at least that’s what it felt like. It’s been one thing after another. I’ve tried to keep pushing, because that’s what you do. But, this last thing has left me so …detached. I mentioned it before. Q, passed away. Continue reading “Devil is in the Details”


There’s freedom in letting go
Of all inhibitions
And appreciating each moment for what it is
I believe there are select few
Who are truly able to let go
Of worldly chains and set their mind free
And truly revel in each moment
Taking it breath by breath
And soar into the freedom of the oblivion above

I want to know the freedom
Felt at that moment in time
When the caged bird saw hope
In the form of an open cage door
You see I don’t think this world
Understands the precious gems
That we behold in our freedoms
We get so focused on the next breath
Our oblivion gets lost in chaos of our own making

We are so desolately over saturated
In creating divides amongst our own people
How could we ever know freedom
We’d rather lose ourselves to depressors
In fictitious worldly momentary facades
Instant gratification
Leading to
Instant annihilation

There’s freedom in letting go
Of all inhibitions
But proceed with caution
And I pray that no more souls
Are lost to the megalomania
Caused by the hysteria
Of the lack of acceptance of our own mortality
The price of freedom it seems is seldom free

Dedicated to a beautiful, amazing soul gone too soon.
Q, soar with your angel wings.

Comments off on this one. Hold your people close. Don’t leave anything unsaid. Life is too small to have any regrets. 

Photo by Liz Medrano

Call to Action

This past week has shown that the resilience of the human spirit cannot be broken. We are stronger together. I have been having A LOT of conversations with my friends and family about what all we can do to support black people in America. You can go march and show solidarity together as brothers and sisters in a world that would rather see us divided. The message is simple. The outcries for justice will take/have taken center stage over the white noise of oppression. You can check your own privilege, because I promise you, that’s one of the first and easiest steps. Continue reading “Call to Action”