I get scared when things go right. Whenever I feel like things start falling in place I get worried about what is going to go wrong. That’s always so problematic when you think about it. I know I’m not the only one. It’s so easy to think about the future, to worry about what will happen when things aren’t going so well. It’s a pressing feeling, dull, but always present. I’m communicating with the people in my life that I need to, I’m progressing on the professional front, the website is hitting the numbers I want to hit Continue reading “Navjot”

He Lives in a Yurt

Michael Jon Sliwa. A person who more or less has mastered the art of bullshit. A person who chose to seek his own truth in a world so easily consumed by facades, especially given the larger than life social media driven digital climate that exists today. I sat down with him and we discussed everything from living out of a yurt in New Mexico, to seeking happiness in corporate America, to Continue reading “He Lives in a Yurt”


You’re walking through a forest lush with trees. You hear the silence ringing; louder with each passing step. You notice the shadows looming and you feel your heart racing. They are everywhere. Everywhere you turn, they watch you, judging you waiting for you to fall, ready to pounce. Continue reading “401K”