Who is loyal?

Do you think there are people out there that are genuinely faithful and loyal to one partner? Going somewhere with this, would love your thoughts before I share mine!

We Ain’t Shit

There are times in life where we get reminded of our smallness and I cherish those moments. I hold on to the feeling for as long as possible, because we live in a world of instant gratification and it is easy to fall into this idea that you are the shit. I think Instagram is a big player in this mentality. I saw a quote that said, “social media is like fast food,” Continue reading “We Ain’t Shit”


I don’t do this often, but lately I’ve been thinking of you more often than I care to admit. I’m surrounded by a lot of almost-somebody’s and it’s taking a toll on my heart. Everyone either wants something or I’m not enough to have them give me their time. These people, their eyes wander a little to far off away from my eyes when we have conversations, revealing their true nature. Continue reading “Breathless”

I’m very curious

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? Do you look at yourself in the eyes and see your spirit reflected back at you, confident and eager? Or is it lost and searching? I look at people and I get curious. Wonder what your eyes are trying to tell me. Are you happy? Are you sad? Continue reading “I’m very curious”


I took another chance on you. Yea, I know that’s all on me. I flew out to your city…again. I met the whole family this time. I don’t know why we did that. Your dad’s not around anymore, but I met the men who stepped in to fill his shoes. And you know what? We made jokes and had a heart to heart and they gave me the warmest hugs I’ve had in awhile. I clowned around and goofed off with your friends. And you made me food. Warm, delicious, fresh out the oven food. Continue reading “Fool”

Air or Water?

I took a late night flight out of town last night and each mile away from you shattered me that much more. This is hard for me. Really hard. I’m so independent. I’m fire. I wreak havoc all on my own. I create warmth all on my own. I can be so inviting. I can’t go slowly. I need to take it so easy, because I might end up leaving you burned. Continue reading “Air or Water?”